Friday, February 22, 2008

Shop It To Me!!

I have been meaning to tell you guys about this site for a few weeks now! Shame on me!! Candice Dunn told me about it and I love it!! (Thanks Candy)
Its called SHOP IT TO ME.COM

What you do is: go to the website and sign up. It will ask you questions about your favorite brands or sizes etc.. so basically anything you are in to they will scour the internet and email you about any sale that is going on. So for me, of coarse I choose Juicy Couture and a few other things., and I also chose DAILY emails because any good sale, sells out immediately online! You can choose weekly though if that is what you like!

Its really great, but you must try it before you can appreciate today, Since it is Friday and all, go ahead and check it out and sign up!! You know you want to! ha

1 comment:

Candice Marie said...

YEAH! I made the blog! LOVE IT!

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