Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sadness! We've been kicked out!

Google Adsense has SUSPENDED or rather demolished our account and All the $$ that was in it for " Illegal Clicking" Apparently, when I encourage you guys to click the ads on this blog, that is illegal. which ... now that I stop and think about it, makes total sense. I just never thought about it before. I am sure it warned me of this in all that fine print I was too lazy to read when signing up , but WOW what a bummer.
I plan to write an appeal and explain to them that I didn't realize it was wrong and I am sorry and hopefully they will let me have advertisers again! Yikes Majikles!


kristicpoltrack said...

bummer...i can't go without my daily dose of the grizas!!

Super Scory said...

That's crazy! They are getting the end result that they want! They can track a lot of crazy things with that stuff I am sure! BOOOOO!

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