Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Latest Projects

We changed the blinds in the kitchen. Now we both like them!
Valentimes Decorations are in full effect!
The Obnoxiously large TV has made it over to the new house.
I have started a photo collage in our bedroom.
Erik has hung TONS of pictures. What is funny about this is when I hang a picture, i hold it up to the wall and say "Self, that looks good" then I start hammering. Erik starts out with some sort of mathmatical equation, then some fractions, then a laser level, etc...Its a complicated procedure. But they always look great and are straight!
Now THIS was a big deal. Erik refuses to let me use my cool new fancy tub b/c he felt the windows were not covered enough with the stained glass art (not show in these photos) so what we ultimately decided to do was cover the windows with a privacy film, so as not to detract from the stained glass art. The good news was it was only like $30 .. the bad news was it was NOT easy or QUICK. The film has a backing on it that Erik compared to splitting atoms. It was about impossible to see or remove. As always, being super careful, Erik had us wear these masks to prevent breathing in the weird chemical adhesive. cute huh?


Super Scory said...

How many times did you move the TV around? :)

Marty said...

Does erik work in the same clothes he goes out in?? I bet he's wearing two pairs of boxers and a pair of basketball shorts underneath the jeans too...

Marty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsey said...

michael hangs pictures like erik. it's always an equation! The house is looking good. Loving the closet organization.

Candice said...

I love the picture wall! I am going to do one someday!

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