Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Closet: Part One

This was Erik's Contribution to this blog. Doesnt Flossie look pleased?I am super proud of my boot hanger! I love boots and they take up some room in the closet so I have discovered these "Boot Shapers" from The Container Store or Bed, Bath & Beyond .Then I had Erik hang this rod that way I can hang my boots and put more shoes underneath!
We are using the back wall for hanging things. On my side I will hang my jewelry and scarves etc and Erik;s side he will hang his ties, baseball caps and then we will divide the 2 sides with a full length mirror. I have ordered some things for this and once they come in we will install and post pics.
We each have a hook on our side to hang our jacket on. I have also made some room in there for Erik!

We have to work on adding some shelves then cleaning out and organizing our clothes! I will post more on that stuff later if you guys are interested?My mom told me a neat trick that in January to hang all of your clothes backwards and as you wear them you will hang them forward. Next Jan anything that is still hanging backward gets thrown out!

I wish our closet were a pretty WILD color like deep purple. I dont have the energy for that though.


grizaham said...

I will paint it if u want!

Lizzy said...

Flossie looks like a stuffed animal! SO CUTE!!

kristicpoltrack said...

that's a great idea...I love the boot hangers!...mine are in the original boxes in a stack and it's always a pain when I want to wear the pair at the bottom. gotta go to the container store :)

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