Friday, February 29, 2008

New Workmen: New Shower Door

Ya'll know the rules! New workmen, new photos! These 2 gentlemen put up the new shower door today! Hooray for that, as we have never once used our very fancy shower in the Master Bath. Hooray for that also b/c last week we paid a lot of money for things(shower door, couch, gas logs) that we have not seen yet, which is sort of an unusual order of things ...

These mens were very efficient and did a great job, and had the best price around. They did manage to break one of my very prized Wall Flowers, ( and not tell me about it ARRR) but all in all they did well. Glass Solutions in Nashville.


grizaham said...

Sweet! So it was those two making all that noise while i was trying to sleep! haha Cant wait to try it out in the morn!
OH yes, we can probably take down that bent shower rod now!

Lizzy said...

one of those dudes has a great hair stylist..i'm not saying which one.

Rowelak said...

it's bue-ti-ful!!

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