Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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I saw that over 52% of you are NOT watching Idol this year... which I can understand but its a bummer cause the most funnest part of that show is the discussion you have with friends! so for the 2% of you that are watching I have to say that i am OVER all the crying that goes on on that show! Especially from the dudes! Geeesh! I also dont think its cool for people to smart off to Simon. Anyone else feelin' that?
While I am talking about TV I have to say that anyone who isnt watching Snoop Dog's show "Fatherhood" is missing out. He is very entertaining and has some interesting parenting ideas! Plus the music is good! His new album comes out March 11th.


Lizzy said...

I am OBSESSED with this show, LG! It is my favorite! I love SNOOP and his wife! They make me laugh. It's all hood.....

Samantha said...

I agree! No crying boys, but I do think that there are more good guys than girls. Some of the songs they pick are soo boring!

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