Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Look who is RECRUITING.. Yikles ma jikles!

Oh Heavens! Puh-LEASE let Tom Cruise save me from the TOXINS!! This was on our windshield last night at the Preds Game.. and I couldn't dare litter so I brought it home to properly recycle and .... make fun of. It sounds more like an exercise advertisement than a religion. GEESH.
Furthermore, I DO NOT think peeps should pass out stupid paphlets everywhere for anything and everything. Has anyone EVER gotten handed a paper on the street that they actually wanted? Chances are that paper goes directly to the ground, or the trashcan, but no one is ever like " Oh my gosh, thank you for stopping me on the street to hand me this hyper color advertisement for botox, or the new gym or the gentlemans club. I have always wanted one"


grizaham said...

Well i agree with the fact that pills should not be the answer to everyone's problems. No pill can fix lazy...

Lindsey said...

You are right. These things waste paper!

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