Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Linkin Park Concert: Stevie's 1st!

Last night was the Linkin Park concert and we took Stevie. His mom and sister were there too for his sister's birthday so they got to sit down front. Erik was still struggling with his sickness, and Stevie was a little overwhelmed but it turned out to be pretty fun! It snowed all last night and so it was pretty cold walking to the GEC. Stevie was not prepared for the lights flashing a lot or the loudness so I wish I had thought to bring ear plugs! He didnt like the warm up bands, me either really, but once LP took the stage he was much more entertained!
LP was great in concert. I had never seen them before, Erik was on his 4th time. They put on a great show and sang great songs! I highly recommend going to see them (and showing up late so you miss the opening bands)ha

1 comment:

grizaham said...

4th time to see Linkin Park and even though i had the flu i think it was the best!

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