Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In My In Box: Anna Catherine

Was this funny little email from Anna Catherine. She wrote it on Jan 29th so I dont know why I just got it today!
"hey laura its me anna . my day at school was boring because it wasnt a butiful day and at chorus the twcher was really mean.any way mom is in orange beach with ms charrlott .how is ralphie and flossie ? call me . did you know that scott is getting married this saturday and the wedding is in birmingham? i was on your blog and you didnt have anythin about me on it. talk to you later bye love annac"

She cracks me up! So since she would like a mention I must show off this totally cute picture! She and the fam when to CO to Ski for Mardi Gras Break. They had a blast and MANY cute pictures. Doesn't she look like a little fashionista with her ski gear and white shades?!


Nikki said...

maybe I am out of the loop, but what happened to Stevie? I miss reading about him!

grizaham said...

man i would love to go skiing sometime soon!

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