Monday, February 11, 2008

In Health & in Sickness (with Jelly Toast!)

Hello All! I am back and much better today after days of not so greatness! I had a headache all day yesterday and I NEVER get headaches.. maybe like once a year! So eventually I gave in to it and laid in the dark hoping for some relief. Erik came in to check on me and I told him that true love meant he would make me some jelly toast and milk for a snack. He was not super excited about the idea but he did give it a try.
My mom has been making special Jelly Toast for my whole life, and Erik knows this all to well. What you do is take white bread, add real butter in 4 or 5 spots and then put in the oven on BROIL.. till its toasted ON ONE SIDE ONLY, then you take it out and use fancy jelly. None of this Grape junk. I like seedless Blackberry myself.. anyway Momma, when you come to town
(the Fam is coming next weekend ya'll) you need to teach Erik about the jelly toast trick cause his comes toasted on each side and the butter was all clumpity and not melted!
So this weekend was fun cause Elisabeth & Coralie Anne were in town for CoCo's birthday and we had a great time. Erik and I also did some house work which I will be showing pictures of soon. The closet is what we worked on perfecting and I am very happy with how it has turned out.
I also will debut for you all my new LOVE of Spray painting! Great way to transform the old into the new and much cooler! Pictures for that to come as well.
Time to package ebay!


ml said...

Headaches are terrible... I used to get them A LOT. A side effect of making them go away though is PREGNANCY. Email me to find out more about that! I am glad you are feeling better. I have the opposite problem with Hays, for some reason everything he makes tastes better than what I make, therefore I don't ever want to make anything for myself!

grizaham said...

Oh i see.. i did not put the oven on broil. I will do it next time!

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