Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Granpa Graham's Corner: Immigration

If an illegal migrant from another nation invades our nation, purchases a lottery ticket and has the winning numbers, can they collect the money? Can the U.S. government legally withold taxes from the prize? I expect most will say yes to both questions.

If a citizen of another nation is legally in the U.S. and working at a job, can we tax his wages? Is that citizen of another nation subject to the laws of the U.S. government, while employed and residing in the U.S.? I expect most will say yes to both questions.

Is a person born in another nation a citizen of the U.S.? Is such a person subject to the laws of the U.S. government? I suspect most will say no to both questions.

As the U.S. was expanding the government recognized certain areas where American Indians were living as "nations" and so designated them in formal treaties. They have boundaries and a government peculiar to the inhabitants thereof, i.e. the qualities of a nation. Are persons born in these nations citizens of the U.S.? Are persons born in these nations subject to the laws of the U.S. government? Can the U.S. government tax these persons on income they have? Do these persons need a visa to travel into the U.S.? I suspect I don't have the slightest clue as to how you would answer these questions.

That brings us to NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) the text of which was incorporated into U.S. federal law when passed by Congress (1993). The U.S. is to allow the free flow of trade and people across our borders. Mexican and Canadian citizens will have free access to the U.S. (and by inference anyone from anywhere in the world who can gain entry into either Mexico or Canada). What laws (such as our Constitution) will apply to citizens of Canada and Mexico while they are in the U.S.? Since these persons are not citizens of the U.S. does our Constitution apply to them? By allowing the free flow of persons and trade as well as allowing occupation of our country have we in effect done away with our borders? If our Constitution does not apply to these persons have we effectivwely lost a government peculiar to our citizens? Slowly, bit by bit, we are becoming the North American Union and our nation, as we knew it, will be done away with.

Ask yourself how do these things apply to the presidential and congressional elections? Are the people running for office considering any of these things or are they busy putting earmarks on bills? Are they putting forward ways to spend your tax dollars and dollars the government borrows? Are we loosing jobs and manufacturing because of provisions in NAFTA which encourage off shoring? Any plans for fiscal responsibility?

Your decisions about whom you elect to Congress and the Presidency will decide if Congress and the President will continue to represent business or the interests of the nation and its Citizens.

Granpa Graham

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Cary said...

I would venture to say there is NOBODY in Washington that knows the meaning of "fiscal responsibility!"

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