Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Times with The Spray Paint

You can give anything a new look for about $3 dolla! Andrea , does table look familiar? It was Wade's old table that he gave Erik before you guys got married! When I realized it was real wood, I decided we should keep and make it over. I am considering a few ideas for the top, but it already looks MUCH better. That thing weighs about 5 kazillion pounds too! UGH


grizaham said...

I will agree.. Spray paint is the bomb! It can really change an object.

Andrea said...

I did not recognize that table at first but it looks great! Much improved! I've gotten into redoing old furniture too (mainly because it's cheaper than buying new furniture, ha), and lately, I've wanted to paint everything black!

ml said...

I want to experiment with spray paint on some of our light fixtures! I saw some on HGTV that you can use to make brass look like dark bronze.

LG said...

oooh That sounds fun ML! I must look into that!

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