Friday, February 22, 2008

Even Though I am Not a Human Mom....

I dont have any human kids... but if I did you can bet your sweet sally they would have their name on EVERYTHING. I love monogramming and things with my name on it... I am not sure why...

Let me introduce you guys to!!! Anything you can think of that you want your name on.. they can make. Now I know right away, that peeps like Julie Bray, Lindsey Douglas & Angie Rowell will LOVE this !
Below I will show you a few examples and you guys can decide for yourselves..

Ok Here is a pic of my items.. which are " Call me cards" and stickers..
Call me cards are basically a business card for moms. It is a great way to have your contact or blog info handy! I took them for a spin tonight at the Hockey Game and EVERYONE Loved them! They are super unique because they are plastic and not paper.. not to mention the shape.Here is a close up:
Any responsible mom should have these if her child has serious allergies. They come in a variety of allergies and colors.
Shoe labels! I love these! And some people say, " why would I need these" and to those people I say " when you buy $99 "Wheel-eez" shoes, you want your kids name in them!! So when you are at a Birthday party that is at a Roller Rink, or a Jump Party... you can protect those expensive shoes!! Its also great for teachers or day care workers to be able to sort shoes easily.
Goimg away to camp... no problem! These Labels adhere to clothing!

Pretty much, you can find a label in any size for any thing you can think of !! I get all of our stuff to say just "GRAHAM" and with a peace sign.
You can choose your own ICON, name, font and label color on the site. Visit for deets.
If you like all these ideas be sure to to check out their combo packs! Great value in those!!


Lindsey said...

So I love, love, love monogrammed stuff. I, mean, my aunt and one of my best friends both own their very own monogramming business so we have names on EVERYTHING. And that, my friend, is just the way I LIKE it! Having said that, I have not seen these COOL little cards and I must, I MUST have some! Thanks for sharing!

Rowelak said...

Thanks for sharing this website! You know I will be on there checking it out!!!

Julie Bray said...

I hate being so predictable... you're right, i will be ordering some soon! Bryan's underware will be labeled soon. (: and clothes too so no one at the hospital mistakenly takes his clothes while in the scrubs. (: he will be a HIT!

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