Monday, February 11, 2008

Closet: The Husband Wall

I call this my "Husband Wall" not just because my husband constructed most of it, but because my husband, Snubbles Erik, has this "Cant find anything on my own syndrome" where he "looks" for something for about ONE second before calling me to come and point it out for him. My Husband wall will alleviate this syndrome because everything is very clearly laid out right before our (read:his) eyes! It may look a bit jumbly, but since I dont plan to entertain anyone in our closet, I chose practical over visual appeal.
I have numbered things for easier explaining and will have a spreadsheet of cost & location for those of you that have been asking where I get the so& so etc.
1. Just a few clear plastic hooks to hang hats on
2. Full Length Mirror.. very handy!
3. Scarf Hooks.
4. Small plastic hooks that hold our Preds & Titans Ticket windows. Each of us have a hook for this. (Erik's is on his side of the mirror)
5. Many Many plastic hooks for necklaces & bracelets! Very handy to prevent tangling and also make it easier what to choose since I can see all of my options.
6. Scarf Hanger. I love this. It is just a plastic hanger full of holes to poke your scarves through which can also be hung on the closet bar.
7. Belt Hanger. Can be hung on the closet bar as well.

8. Small Plastic Hooks for his Visors
9. Tie & Belt Rack
10. Baseball Cap Organizer
11. Ticket Necklaces Hook


Marty said...

i need erik to help me hang some adhesive plastic hooks on my man-wall. Do you think you can get him to call me?

grizaham said...

I am building shelves! I had nothing to do with these self adhesive things except I accidently broke a few! I don't know why laura said I had anything to do with that wall! Laura????

Samantha said...

i love organization! good job guys!

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