Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Blog Search Engine...

I thought this was super cool:

It's a Blog Search Engine.

Noteworthy Blogs I read about in RealSimple this month:
(decorating tips. Jess you will like this one)

(Erik you will like this one! Its all about Remodeling, repairing and building instructions. Very cool)

for momma
Eco friendly gardening for Linzy

Organizing Ideas for Julie Bray!

For Julie and other chicks who love products!
For Lindsey & MM


Lindsey said...

OOOOH La LA! I love the cool mom site....b/c i AM a cool mom.

It has such cute ideas and products. You are too sweet to think of me.

P.S. If I would have had your number, girl, I would have called and invited myself to your new guest room last week. We had some trouble getting a room:) I definately thought of y'all as I drove through Brentwood!

grizaham said...

hey that was a neat website. i would really like my garage to have a nice shiny coat to the floor.

Anonymous said...

I should email my friend about your post.

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