Thursday, February 7, 2008

16G Iphone Release & Netflix on the Iphone

Apple Launches the 16Gig Iphone! I am still holding out for next fall when I think they will add flash and bump it to at least 32gigs..
We shall see. Tuhin was telling me this week that he and Shelby get netflix on their phones and watch it on the way to work b/c they ride the bus to work! Way to go Tuhin and Shelby!
You can read more about it at Techie Diva.
She also reviews a set of Vmoda earphones that sound divine! My snubbles ruined my earphones when he took them to Kansas :(


Super Scory said...

I want Flash, I want Flash....I am a Dork, I am a Dork! :) At least you are dorky with me, I really have wanted Flash. The GB I am fine with...for now.

Candice said...

Where are you today!

The Daily Buzz said...

Hello!! So on another note, my website has expired and I didn't even know!! the misery of all that hard work.

So are you selling you other iphone? :)

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