Friday, February 29, 2008

New Workmen: New Shower Door

Ya'll know the rules! New workmen, new photos! These 2 gentlemen put up the new shower door today! Hooray for that, as we have never once used our very fancy shower in the Master Bath. Hooray for that also b/c last week we paid a lot of money for things(shower door, couch, gas logs) that we have not seen yet, which is sort of an unusual order of things ...

These mens were very efficient and did a great job, and had the best price around. They did manage to break one of my very prized Wall Flowers, ( and not tell me about it ARRR) but all in all they did well. Glass Solutions in Nashville.

Flossie's First Real Job

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Flossie gets her first mail piece!

Look! ! Andrea made some beautiful doggie hair bows for Flossie. Thanks Andrea she loves them!! So does Ralphie so I let him wear one tonight too!

LOOK ! For her Easter Dress! Hooray!

What did you get in the mail today Laura?

Well guys I just got this super cool fruit holder thingy. I have never had an appropriate way to store our fruit and when I saw this I just had to have it! All the round fruits go down the shoot and the bananas hang on the end! Brazilliant!
It was either $12 or $19... can't remember I have looked at so many of these.
Then I went to Whole Foods to get some fruit pieces and that is a whole other story... dang that place is super fun!
Have any of you guys been to the new WF in Bham yet?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Living Room Quandry

I just don't know what to do in here. The FIRST thing that must be decided is wall color. I do like the warm yellow that it is, but I don't know if it jives with our theme. Remember the very modern and angular couch that will be arriving next week?
Also need some ideas on what to do with that cubby hole? and some cool pillows for the couch because the ones that come with it are hideous.
You guys have given lots of neat ideas and feedback in the past so I am very interested in what you think about this room. Especially Jessidesign, Rebecca kelton & Celie. Please leave your comments in the comments section so that I can refer back to them when necc. Thanks!
Also remember that none of that furniture will remain that is in there now.
Pictures from my Design book

Play Time

New Poll on right!

I saw that over 52% of you are NOT watching Idol this year... which I can understand but its a bummer cause the most funnest part of that show is the discussion you have with friends! so for the 2% of you that are watching I have to say that i am OVER all the crying that goes on on that show! Especially from the dudes! Geeesh! I also dont think its cool for people to smart off to Simon. Anyone else feelin' that?
While I am talking about TV I have to say that anyone who isnt watching Snoop Dog's show "Fatherhood" is missing out. He is very entertaining and has some interesting parenting ideas! Plus the music is good! His new album comes out March 11th.

Linkin Park Concert: Stevie's 1st!

Last night was the Linkin Park concert and we took Stevie. His mom and sister were there too for his sister's birthday so they got to sit down front. Erik was still struggling with his sickness, and Stevie was a little overwhelmed but it turned out to be pretty fun! It snowed all last night and so it was pretty cold walking to the GEC. Stevie was not prepared for the lights flashing a lot or the loudness so I wish I had thought to bring ear plugs! He didnt like the warm up bands, me either really, but once LP took the stage he was much more entertained!
LP was great in concert. I had never seen them before, Erik was on his 4th time. They put on a great show and sang great songs! I highly recommend going to see them (and showing up late so you miss the opening bands)ha

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Granpa Graham's Corner: Immigration

If an illegal migrant from another nation invades our nation, purchases a lottery ticket and has the winning numbers, can they collect the money? Can the U.S. government legally withold taxes from the prize? I expect most will say yes to both questions.

If a citizen of another nation is legally in the U.S. and working at a job, can we tax his wages? Is that citizen of another nation subject to the laws of the U.S. government, while employed and residing in the U.S.? I expect most will say yes to both questions.

Is a person born in another nation a citizen of the U.S.? Is such a person subject to the laws of the U.S. government? I suspect most will say no to both questions.

As the U.S. was expanding the government recognized certain areas where American Indians were living as "nations" and so designated them in formal treaties. They have boundaries and a government peculiar to the inhabitants thereof, i.e. the qualities of a nation. Are persons born in these nations citizens of the U.S.? Are persons born in these nations subject to the laws of the U.S. government? Can the U.S. government tax these persons on income they have? Do these persons need a visa to travel into the U.S.? I suspect I don't have the slightest clue as to how you would answer these questions.

That brings us to NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) the text of which was incorporated into U.S. federal law when passed by Congress (1993). The U.S. is to allow the free flow of trade and people across our borders. Mexican and Canadian citizens will have free access to the U.S. (and by inference anyone from anywhere in the world who can gain entry into either Mexico or Canada). What laws (such as our Constitution) will apply to citizens of Canada and Mexico while they are in the U.S.? Since these persons are not citizens of the U.S. does our Constitution apply to them? By allowing the free flow of persons and trade as well as allowing occupation of our country have we in effect done away with our borders? If our Constitution does not apply to these persons have we effectivwely lost a government peculiar to our citizens? Slowly, bit by bit, we are becoming the North American Union and our nation, as we knew it, will be done away with.

Ask yourself how do these things apply to the presidential and congressional elections? Are the people running for office considering any of these things or are they busy putting earmarks on bills? Are they putting forward ways to spend your tax dollars and dollars the government borrows? Are we loosing jobs and manufacturing because of provisions in NAFTA which encourage off shoring? Any plans for fiscal responsibility?

Your decisions about whom you elect to Congress and the Presidency will decide if Congress and the President will continue to represent business or the interests of the nation and its Citizens.

Granpa Graham

Monday, February 25, 2008

Outdoors with Big Mike: The NWTF Convention

Outdoors with Big Mike has been absent lately since deer season has closed and Turkey season is not in. However, I have been very busy with outdoor stuff this month. Just this past week, my wife, Bev, and I attended the NWTF annual convention in Atlanta, Ga. NWTF stands for the National Wild Turkey Federation, and this organization has over 550,000 members and is one of the strongest organizations financially for outdoor conservation.
To understand what the NWTF has done you must know where it started. When first formed, the number of wild turkeys was down to around 1,000,000 birds nationwide. Today, there are over 7,000,000 and more states than ever have a huntable population of these magnificent birds. Now that we have this good number of birds, we are changing our focus from restocking to maintaining the current levels. Also, the NWTF has three other organizations that promote the outdoors. The first is the JAKES program for the kids, then there is the WITO for women in the outdoors, then there is the Wheeling Sportsmen for the handicapped hunters. It has been said that we are about and in this particular order, God, Country, Family, & Conservation, and this makes me particularly proud to be a member and the current Alabama State President. Hunting turkeys is what brings us together, but the love for God,country and family is what makes us strong.
The convention was just great. Thursday night, we were entertained by Darrly Singletary, Rett Atkins, and then a show by Tracy Lawrence. What a night, and hats off to these entertainers. Rett Atkins is currently writing some country songs about hunting and sang a couple for us that night. I predict that these will be huge and will be top songs sometimes in the next 18 months. Friday night we had a band called the blue tones and they were very good. This was also the auction night and all kinds of things were auctioned off as well as a silent auction, and a raffle. I actually won one of the raffles and got a turkey walking stick, a folding chair, a watch, an umbrella, a suitcase, a knife set, a cutlery set, pruning shears, a saw, an afghan and a set of hearing protection. I may have even gotten my $250.00 worth, as this is what I invested in the raffle. I also had a chance on several guns and a Bad Boy Buggy, but did not win any of these, but if I had, the $250.00 would have been a great bargain. Saturday night was awards night and we had a good meal followed by a show by Lori Morgan. It too was just great, and Bev and I enjoyed it very much.
The convention also had a sports show that had over 600 booths with all kinds of outdoor stuff and all kinds of hunting celebrities. There was also the Gran National turkey calling contest, and this is for all ages as they have different competition for different ages. If you want to know what a turkey sounds like, you need to see this show. I am amazed at how good those callers are. They truly are professionals.

While at convention, I got to meet some very nice people.

In the photos you can see me with Wayne LaPierre who is the CEO of the National Rifle Association and Tony Markis who is the host of the great TV show "Under Wild Skies".
In above photo you can see me with Michael Waddell who is the most popular outdoor celebrity going right now in my opinion. I am glad to tell you that he is just as nice and friendly as he appears on TV. I was very impressed by how down to earth he was.
I also have a photo(above) with me talking with Harold Knight and David Hale of Knight and Hale calls. They too were just as nice as people get, and I have been told that they are very strong in their faith.

Above is a photo of me with Rob Keck who is the CEO of the NWTF. This was my first opportunity to meet so many people in the outdoor show business, and the thing that I came away with was that without exception, they were all the kinds of people I would take fishing.(That is a compliment) There were others that I met but did not get a photo of. Ronny "Cuz" Strickland, Eddie Salter, Mat Morrett, Will Primos, Mike Pentacost, and the list just goes on and on. I also got to see Mr. Earl Groves who is the treasure of the NWTF, and also used to hunt in our area. He in fact knew my late father-in-law and several others in the Beatrice, Al area. Mr. Tom Kelly who is a great author of outdoor books was there and I purchased one of his books, "The Tenth Legion". If you really want to know and understand this hunting way of life, get and read this book. If you are a hunter, you will really enjoy it, and it should be required reading of all new hunters.

If you have never been to a NWTF convention, I would encourage you to consider this. Next year and for the next 6 years we will be holding the convention back in Nashville, Tn and I am planning on being a part of them. Next year I want to take David, my son, as I know he would have had a great time seeing all of the hunting people and hunting stuff. This is a family affair and something to see. Please join us next year in Nashville. For more information, go to the and you can read all about this one and the next one. If you are not a member of the NWTF, I encourage you to consider joining, so that we can continue to promote not only the wild turkey, but God,country and family as well. I can not think of a better organization for you to join.


The Bathroom gets some new Paint!

I have been dying to get some painting done in our bedroom/bath area and finally last night I just DID IT. Our house is currently the Sicky McSickerson Headquarters. Erik is struggling with a cold/flu thing. I am attacked with Sinus issues and Ralphie, who has been sick since last Wed night is on the upswing and feeling better. While I was painting out bathroom last night, Erik, Ralphie & Flossie laid in the bed watching, advising and critiquing my work, which was OH so fun let me tell you.
So I went ahead with the Cake Stand Blue by Martha Stewart, and it looks pretty great! Especially in the day light today. The existing color wasn't bad, it just wasn't what we wanted in there and this light blue compliments our bedroom. Its very clean and crisp and light in there as a bathroom should be!

Do you Think He is Comfortable?

This picture makes me laugh and laugh! I think its one of his best ever! Now this is what you call Chillaxin! ha

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ceiling Fans are NOT your friend!

I am pretty sure that hanging a ceiling fan might be one of the most miserable tasks you can take on. Snubble Husband spent 3 hours trying to get it going Friday morning before we gave up and called an Electrician! Thanks RT for the tips. The part we had trouble on was attaching it to the ceiling! ha
So while the electrician was here we had him hang the chandalier in my office and it looks great! I love the designs it makes on the ceiling.
We have had much more progress in our bathroom and I will post pics on that in a bit. Stay tuned

Congrats Dusty & Jessica!!

I am so excited to announce the engagement of long time friends of ours Dusty Otwell & Jessica Chapman!
Dusty is a Fraternity brother of Erik's and Jessica was my big sis in Kappa! To make this deal even sweeter WE introduced THEM! Only fitting since DO is responsible for Erik & I meeting.
What a great love story we all have! Hooray Hooray guys!
PS the ring he got her is MUCH cooler than the one I have a posted there

Want to have an Oscar Party?

Here is a great article by , my here, Techie Diva Gina Hughes on Yahoo! Read up its pretty neat!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sadness! We've been kicked out!

Google Adsense has SUSPENDED or rather demolished our account and All the $$ that was in it for " Illegal Clicking" Apparently, when I encourage you guys to click the ads on this blog, that is illegal. which ... now that I stop and think about it, makes total sense. I just never thought about it before. I am sure it warned me of this in all that fine print I was too lazy to read when signing up , but WOW what a bummer.
I plan to write an appeal and explain to them that I didn't realize it was wrong and I am sorry and hopefully they will let me have advertisers again! Yikes Majikles!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Shop It To Me!!

I have been meaning to tell you guys about this site for a few weeks now! Shame on me!! Candice Dunn told me about it and I love it!! (Thanks Candy)
Its called SHOP IT TO ME.COM

What you do is: go to the website and sign up. It will ask you questions about your favorite brands or sizes etc.. so basically anything you are in to they will scour the internet and email you about any sale that is going on. So for me, of coarse I choose Juicy Couture and a few other things., and I also chose DAILY emails because any good sale, sells out immediately online! You can choose weekly though if that is what you like!

Its really great, but you must try it before you can appreciate today, Since it is Friday and all, go ahead and check it out and sign up!! You know you want to! ha

TGIF .. Cool Websites Friday

T.G.I.F. gang! I know everyone is glad to see Friday! so today...for fun, I offer you the luxury of browsing a few new sites online. You know I wouldn't discuss them if I wasn't personally convinced they were totally worthy!
Soak it Up and Happy Friday


Even Though I am Not a Human Mom....

I dont have any human kids... but if I did you can bet your sweet sally they would have their name on EVERYTHING. I love monogramming and things with my name on it... I am not sure why...

Let me introduce you guys to!!! Anything you can think of that you want your name on.. they can make. Now I know right away, that peeps like Julie Bray, Lindsey Douglas & Angie Rowell will LOVE this !
Below I will show you a few examples and you guys can decide for yourselves..

Ok Here is a pic of my items.. which are " Call me cards" and stickers..
Call me cards are basically a business card for moms. It is a great way to have your contact or blog info handy! I took them for a spin tonight at the Hockey Game and EVERYONE Loved them! They are super unique because they are plastic and not paper.. not to mention the shape.Here is a close up:
Any responsible mom should have these if her child has serious allergies. They come in a variety of allergies and colors.
Shoe labels! I love these! And some people say, " why would I need these" and to those people I say " when you buy $99 "Wheel-eez" shoes, you want your kids name in them!! So when you are at a Birthday party that is at a Roller Rink, or a Jump Party... you can protect those expensive shoes!! Its also great for teachers or day care workers to be able to sort shoes easily.
Goimg away to camp... no problem! These Labels adhere to clothing!

Pretty much, you can find a label in any size for any thing you can think of !! I get all of our stuff to say just "GRAHAM" and with a peace sign.
You can choose your own ICON, name, font and label color on the site. Visit for deets.
If you like all these ideas be sure to to check out their combo packs! Great value in those!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Master Bathroom; Take One

Here are the before pics. Its a great room.. just needs a few things. My plan is to paint cake stand blue to compliment the blue/grey color scheme in our bedroom which is directly across from the bathroom. Cake Stand Blue by martha stewart.
Next we are having a shower door installed. It was supposed to happen Friday but now its looking like next week. It will be nice to try out that big fancy shower!
My other item is to change the mirrors. They are about as basic as you can get.. which is odd since the bathroom is so fancy. I am unsure of what mirros to use though. All suggestions welcome!r

New Stamp saves an otherwise Lame Day!

This truck, totally fooled me today, just like the UPS man.. so I was twice disappointed. They weren't here to bring me something great and cool! But alas, a local gift shop, appropriately names "Great Stuff" called to tell me my stamp had come in.
Isnt it cute?! I have always wanted one of these and never ordered because I knew we would move one day, and even though Erik laughs when I say this " I never plan to leave this house!" ha seriously though I really think we will live here forever and so I ordered the cool address stamp!

Look who is RECRUITING.. Yikles ma jikles!

Oh Heavens! Puh-LEASE let Tom Cruise save me from the TOXINS!! This was on our windshield last night at the Preds Game.. and I couldn't dare litter so I brought it home to properly recycle and .... make fun of. It sounds more like an exercise advertisement than a religion. GEESH.
Furthermore, I DO NOT think peeps should pass out stupid paphlets everywhere for anything and everything. Has anyone EVER gotten handed a paper on the street that they actually wanted? Chances are that paper goes directly to the ground, or the trashcan, but no one is ever like " Oh my gosh, thank you for stopping me on the street to hand me this hyper color advertisement for botox, or the new gym or the gentlemans club. I have always wanted one"

Ralphie is having a rough night :(

He has not shared with his Momma what the trouble is, but he wont leave my lap and when I get up to say get my purse or take pictures, he insists that I carry him like a baby. Earlier he was shaking alot and had his ears down and tail tucked.. I think he may be cold because DADDY WONT LET US TURN THE HEAT ON .. because Daddy doesnt like high power bills.

I think this made my day!

Seriously... one of the funniest things I have seen in a while! I love it! Erik asked me last night at dinner if I had seen Dusty's blog lately and I said no and he was all well you SHOULD and that was all he would say. So I logged on and there were many updates (props DO) but this HERE was the best one! I am still laughing about it and MOmma, you will LOVE it so make sure you click the link and watch!

Super Annoyed....

Right now, I am super super ULTRA annoyed. In December, I sold a Juicy Suit to a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing.FYI- I consider me, selling to friends a FAVOR because I make more money selling online to strangers. Anyway, this girl bought the suit before Christmas which is my BIGGEST season of sales and it was a very popular color as well. SO I consider that sell a Big Favor.
Not long after she receives the suit she wants to return it b/c its too small. Well normally I DONT DO REFUNDS (and this is exactly why) but since she is a friend of a friend blah blah I tell her to ship it back to me. This was in DECEMBER! Do you know what just showed up on my door? A Juicy suit from DECEMBER in the middle of FEB when the seasons have changed and the colors and now I am selling terry not velour. So now I have lost ALOT of money with the suit being out of season, shipping 2 ways, the fees I had to pay to accept her credit card payment online...., all from trying to do a favor.
I am not NEIMAN MARCUS. The whole point of buying a discounted item is the discount. It doesn't come with all the luxuries of a department store like say returning 3 months late without a receipt etc etc.
Now, I know you all are not just dying to read this, but the reason that I am posting it is because this kind of thing happens from time to time, and I would just like to sort of put it out there, so that people understand the fees etc involved with what I do.
OK , Off the soapbox now. Sorry Nonie. I know you hate the rants but seriously.. dont you think that was well deserved?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I have been doing today!

Well, last night was a late work night so that is why the blog didnt get much work. Today, since I got all my work done last night, I played a bit. I went to this used CD store in our new hood, still trying to recover from my Itunes Library Crash.. and well, its much cheaper to buy $5 used albums that $10 or $15 ones from Itunes that will just be lost again in another crash. I had a blast in there as you can see! And... I hate to admit but I did buy a Britney Spears album! YIKERS! But i need some ringtones for a few of my Britney fan friends (missE & matt) .. Anyway from there I went to the car wash to attempt to clean my car, and let me just tell you, for those who plan to visit us soon, you may have to wash your car while you are here! Our neighborhood has some fierce car washes! The one I went to today, spoke both English and Sp
anish and had a wand that spits out the tri-color foam... which I love! ha.. and then of coarse I got hit up by a stranger for 85 cents to ride the bus .. and because he called me "Little Mama" while asking, I obliged the 85 Cents.

My doggles would like to say hi. They are in my lap helping write the blog while they wait for the mailman. He is ALOT of fun to bark at as he is in foot and wears cute mailman shorts.
Oh! I forgot to tell you guys that I bought the couch yesterday. After enduring the super annoying salesman they should have given it to me for free! I walked in, found the first employee I saw and told him what I wanted and etc.. and he STILL tries to sell me the couch, even though I have already stated that I plan to purchase.. He also has on an American Flag tie and like 3 different types of teeth. Not sure how that is even possible but, it is. I seriously came close to asking him to pose for a pic for the blog, while he was telling me corny joke, after corny joke, but then I realized that would just give him more things to talk about and opted out.
Anyways, we have a Hockey Game tonight so I will start showing you the latest project tomorrow, which is our Master Bathroom. We have yet to shower in the super cool shower, since it has no door! ha but that should be installed Friday. Let the fun begin~
Oh and PS
Welcome Marti and Jessica P to the Iphone cool club! That brings the grand total to 17 of us now! Yippee... Brother.. when shall you join?

Celebrity Gossip on your Cell Phone/Iphone

Believe it or not, snuggle husband is who turned me on to this! He read about it on ESPN's website! ha I do not recommend this for anyone who does not have unlimited text messaging though!
What you do is text to the number 446-36 and text the word "celeb" then any breaking news will be texted to you! It has been great for me b/c i am way behind on my Perez lately!
You can also do this for like sporting news, The Hills news.. etc..

PS its FREE99

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tigers for Tigers!

I got an interesting email from Candis Hacker today, which odly enough she always emails me on the days when I have dreamed about her the night before and sure as anything I dreamed about her last night!
For those who don't know, I have wild and crazy, and vivid dreams. I know SSW remembers that about me!
Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Candis Says:

Attached is a link to a conservation effort that Auburn University is involved in. It's called Tigers for Tigers. Schools with a Tiger mascot are raising money to provide funding for Tiger conservation efforts (Surprisingly, LSU is not involved). Currently, Missouri is in the lead, so if you have a dollar or two to spare, please donate - and spread the word.

War Eagle!


Quick! Hurry! Target has all Global Bazaar Stuff 50% Off!

I just noticed this today... and I dont know why they didnt advertise it! Everything in the Global Bazaar is 50% off. Great prices!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How do ya'll feel about this couch?

American Idol

Hey who is watching this season? I am all sorts of behind in watching but had a small marathon today and i really like the changes they have made this year in Judging. What does everyone else think? Who are your favorites? Post Favorites in the comments section!
I love that Rock N Roll nurse chick who sounds like Janis Joplin!

The Doggle Whisperer comes to Town!

Meet my Bro David, the dog whisperer. He assures me that my doggles do not, in fact, "speak human". I know different. But no matter how firm he is with my dog children, they LOVE him. Not just a little, but ALOT , and what is even more impressive is that they mind him!
They also became his little shadows! Following him everywhere and sleeping with him (on him) every night! Bro swears he didn't enjoy all the attention and popularity but I think he will be missing them tonight!
Isnt this PRECIOUS!

Iphone Wallpaper of the Week!

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