Monday, January 28, 2008

Yesterday; A big Day of Firsts

Yesterday, was a big day for us! Direct TV came at 8am and now we have TV. Which means, Erik will actually come over here now!
Yesterday was also the first time our dog children have been to the new house! They are super excited. There are so many stimulating things over here, like, other dogs, stairs to climb, lots of windows to look out and lots of noises to bark at... they are overwhelmed and were REALLY tired last night!
We met one of neighbors for the first time too. I could tell right away he was cool, and so could Erik. My reasons were that when he met us, I introduced Erik and myself and then he immediately asked " and they are?" and he was referring to my doggles! A ++ for that guy for caring to meet my dogchilds!
Erik's reasoning was a little bit different! The guy was wearing a PREDATORS hat! ha so he MUST be cool!
He also rides street bikes, (like fancy motorcycles)and he was wearing his gear when we met up on the sidewalk, so I knocked on his jacket (cause it looked like armor) and Erik was like - SUPER embarrassed! But he didn't seem to mind.
We also spent our FIRST night here last night! It was very fun! Although I was SO tired I was about to collapse by 11. Erik looked at me and said "Finally! You look so sad, whats wrong? I didn't think you would ever be sad again here" (because I have been SO elated with this house) and i was like "sad?" NO I am SLEEPY , i mean like I would just collapse any moment now sleepy!

Now today will be spent dealing with ebay, as I had a big night last night, Also would like to say a warm welcome to "Barb" she is my lady friend in retail in cool springs who helps me out with getting inventory! I love her and she has started reading the blog recently so WELCOME BARB!

So, needless to say I have been mad busy this weekend but I will try and get the blog caught up today!

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Super Scory said...

Thanks for the East Nashville Intro last night! We had fun and LOVE the new house!!

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