Friday, January 4, 2008

Word of The Day: Flutchy

Pronounced: FLU-CHEE - This is basically a word you say when you dont know the correct word at the time.. Like for instance " Just call the man and tell him to fix the flutchy and then turn on the heater"
This word comes from Sara Ussery and she says it all the time! Ha Good word Sara.

For 2008 I am gonna have a word of the week that will be odd words from people we know. My brother and Ronald Taunton being 2 of the main contributors!! If you have a word of the day feel free to contribute.


Lindsey said...

Mary Margaret has been using the word "wicky" for yucky. (wic-eee) Such as, "I don't like this mac and cheese, Momma. It's wicky."

Happy Anniversary!

grizaham said...

Mac N Cheese is so good! :)

Tonya said...

Jackie & I have a new favorite word- VAJORITY- meaning the majority of women. :-)

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