Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday..not so productive

Wells, Today was interesting. FIRST of all, when appliance people tell you they are coming DO.NOT.BELIEVE.THEM.
We have had a perfectly scheduled move until this week! None of these jokers have done what they said they would do.
Today we should have all of our appliances delivered but what we have in actuality is a fridge and a dishwasher. The microwave and oven should be here tomorrow and should be installed tomorrow. Sears failed to deliver our washer and dryer yesterday AND today, as I stayed there waiting on them for 8 hours with NO food. RAH when I called them to ask where the H they were, they said they were now coming on FRIDAY. So I told them they could keep that washer and dryer b/c if delivery was indicative of their service I was not interested.
RAH.RAH.RAH. But seriously?
So anyway tomorrow we have Mr. James Spurlock (best plumber in Nashville) coming to hook up our dish washer and fridge etc. He was Mrs. Norma's plumber and is a precious, honest man. In a situation like ours, you can be desperate sometimes for information or answers, just any little crumb, and he came to the Brentwood house once and worked on things and filled us in on all the history and Mrs. Norma's taste and it was so nice, just to hear someone talk about her vividly. He came over yesterday to check out the new house and he loved it! He said our plumbing was in great shape and he also helped me with just some odds and ends that have nothing to do with plumbing! He got a big kick out of my pink tool kit! hA
So anyway, as I sat waiting (and starving) I unpacked the kitchen and organized and labeled EVERYTHING. Erik is soooo sure this is gonna have us ridiculed.
Here are some pics. It totally stinks that I will have to re-wash all of this stuff once the dishwasher is installed.

I might also add that while I have been away for so many hours each day, the doggles have found ways to entertain themselves such as , shredding ENTIRE roles of toilet paper & eating firewood and various other wood pieces. They have been having a blast. really.
Oh and as a side note, it snowed here today. It was beautiful and I loved it!


grizaham said...

The appliances are great! Tomorrow we get fridge plumbing fixed so we can scoot the fridge all the way back!
So Laura, when we gonna have washer and dryer! I need some clean unders! hhahhahaa

grizaham said...
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Cary said...

Laura, you are scaring me! Labeling in the cabinets????? Sounds a little "anal" - just like someone we both know VERY well!!

ml said...

Ha ha ha! Your labeling skills are awesome!

LG said...

Mama Cary! Who do you think taught me this fine art of labeling?

Rowelak said...

I LOVE that your organize everything like you do! I'm the same way! Glad to know that I'm not the only one!!!

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