Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trinkets from AtHome in Homewood, Al

Time and time again people have suggested I visit this store " AtHome" in Homewood and I don't know why I have never been before today! I admit that I didn't take advantage of the cool things Birmingham had to offer when we lived there,as I was paralyzed by the traffic.
Today when I went in I was wide eyed all the time! I picked up a few really snazzy things I had been after and for great prices too! Hardware there was like $4-6! Awesome
This is a cool blue fan pull with oriental flare.

This is a handle for our broom closet! I needed one and this was perfect! I was so excited about I begged Erik to hang it right away.

Then these are some blue hooks for the office so I have somewhere to hang my jacket and purse in the office!


grizaham said...

So you got your hair did and shopped til you dropped whilst your nice husband loaded a 14 foot uhaul truck! I did get Milo's though! I love the brown sauce!

Kyle said...

Just the fact that you got some Milo's is reward enough Griza! I'll make you a deal. The next time you visit, pick some up on the way down, and when we come to see you, I will do the same. It's a win win homey!

LG said...

LOL Basically Snubbles , that is exactly what I did! I was getting you back for not helping me last week! ha
besides - heavy lifting is a total man job

Lindsey said...

My, what good taste you have:)!

AC said...

Ha! Matt and I frequent that place... it's my fav!

Courtney said...

I pretty much adore that store. I need to get back to Bham sometime so I can raid it again. Cute stuff you picked!

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