Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to Clean out the Friend Closet...

I am totally about to rant here. But, before I get started let me just say that I am not taking this down. Please don't email me and ask me to remove it because some things just need to be said (and heard) although the sad part is, the people who need to hear it probably don't read this blog! Dang.
Anyway, Point #1. Do NOT ask me ever again, about the things in this house. If you can have something, or buy something or what will we do with so & so. These things belong to Steven, Erik & Julie, not Laura. That is not my decision to make, and even if it were I don't appreciate being asked about it. It is hard to describe how it makes me feel, but it feels a bit like vultures circling our heads. That may, or may not be rational, but it is the way I feel.
Point #2 If you have asked Erik about something like this, and he ignores you, that is his polite way of telling you to get lost. Erik is not a confrontational person, and no matter how mad, hurt or annoyed he is with someone, his first reaction is always IGNORE, his 2nd, 3rd and 55th reaction will all be to ignore the perpetrator.
I am saying this now, because I got an email yesterday from someone who has
" been emailing Erik for 5 months about a jukebox and Erik wont respond"
To which I said "it is not a comfortable subject for him and it's complicated but no you cant get one"
then, this dude writes me back ANGRY because Erik has been IGNORING his requests and goes on to lecture me about how we are "dealing inappropriately with our grief".
Now bear in mind we have gone a full year without this "friend" checking on us at all. No phone calls or cards. Nothing, but by golly now that he needs something from us, how dare we ignore his need. !@#$%^&*()
Point #3. This past year has changed us in many ways, and one of those ways has been to open our eyes to things/people that are really important or that really matter. We have gained some important and wonderful friends, appreciated some old ones in new ways, and learned who doesn't really care about us that much. I am somewhat disgusted with the people who we haven't heard from all year. Amazed really, and done. Some "friends" just aren't worth having. and ole jukebox dude is a prime example of that.

and while I am at it, I would also like to say that I have worked really hard on this blog all year. Erik & I both really enjoy it and the comments and appreciate you guys for reading and showing interest in what we are in to. It really does matter to me, if people read or not. Which brings me to my last and final rant:

Point #4 - If you are going to email me and ask me for something, like say full idiots guide to how to sell things on ebay, or how to tweak your myspace page, or if I can give you all of our friends/family's addresses for your wedding invitations etc.. Those things, take TIME, which I do for friends without a second thought. However, if the asker has not read our blog, then little laura will say " I don't have time. sorry" .
In 2008 I will not be spending an hour typing out such things for people who don't have time to return the favor.

Thank you for listening.
Good Day


Samantha Newocmb said...

I can't believe the nerve of that jukebox dude! Ugh!!

Tonya said...

See...this is why I love you!!! :-)

Lindsey said...

the vulture analogy was dead on. i know you must feel better getting all this out. yucky jukebox guy stinks!

i wish i could be more like erik in his nonconfrontational way. i so speak my mind.

ml said...

Wow! I had no idea that people could be like that. I'm surprised you haven't written that sooner! Good job, Laura!

Linzy said...

Wow.. I hope you feel better getting all that out.. And BOO on jukebox dude..

MrsWilliams said...

you go girl! love you!

LG said...

Thanks Guys! Yes I do feel better! That was a long time coming..

hays l said...

Nice blog...i enjoy your venting! "Jukebox guy" evidently got what he had coming...if he reads. Love the new house, or what i can see of it. The floors are so shiny! Have fun fixing it up

Nikki said...

You go Laura! I can't believe the audacity juke box guy has. that is so wrong!

Kyle said...

Jukebox needs some common sense. If you don't get an answer within a couple of weeks, no go my friend. It would make me feel uncomfortable to keep nagging. By the way, keep all of the jukeboxes, they are cherished items by many. War Eagle.

kristicpoltrack said...

man, jukebox guy is psycho...besides who is he to say your greiving inappropriately. he obviously doesn't know erik well enough, anyway...go away psycho jukebox guy!!

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