Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday! First Blog from the new house!

Because that is right people! We now have INTERNET. Hooray. I have spent the better half of this morning setting up our network. I dont know WHY I always have so much trouble with these things. It shouldn't be this hard! I also wish I knew why they sent these HIDEOUS canary yellow cables that do not go with my color scheme in this office what so ever!
Anyway... we now have internet, and that is a huge HUGE thing in the Graham Family!
James is steadily working in the kitchen on the dishwasher and fridge and Lowe's should be here with our oven and microwave at some point.

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Thanks for all that you do laura! I know it is hard sitting there all day with those strangers in the house!
We can paint the cords if you need my love.

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