Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ralphie's Latest Quandry

Food. we have a small problem. You see that fancy black dish holder in the background there? Well it has attacked him not once, but twice and now he is scared to eat, unless I stand there and watch him. His little tag got caught in the metal thing and so when he picked his head up from eating that whole thing was stuck to his face and scared him to death. That was atleast a month ago and still , everyday when he gets hungry he goes to his dish and barks incessantly for me to come in there and once i sit down he will start eating.
Here he is waiting on me to show up.And here he is just checking to make sure I sit down and stay put. Check out that facial expression!
and here he is finally agreeing to eat! HA Even though I dont put his dishes in that holder anymore, he still wont eat without supervision. He must be traumatized.


ml said...

If my dish got stuck to my face, I would be scared to eat, too!

MrsWilliams said...

Bless his little heart!!!!

Lindsey said...

Poor Ralphie! You are mistreating that dog;)

Rowelak said...

Poor Ralphie! That happens occasionally to my cats too but they are all so fat that they never stay scared too long. They love food too much! His facial expression is priceless!

LG said...

ha I love his facial expression too! He is a very emotional pup!
Good Point MEredith~

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