Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OutDoors with Big Mike: Ride A Bike

Outdoors with Big Mike has taken a detour. Every year I participate in a bicycle ride for the American Cancer Society where we have a group of people from our area get in a group and ride from Monroeville, Al to some destination usually at least 100 miles away. If you have never ridden a bike that far, it takes some conditioning. This year we will ride from Monroeville, to Mobile at the battleship USS Alabama. I am expecting somewhere over 200 people to make this ride and we will raise somewhere around $200, 000.00 for the fight against cancer.

Well, this year the ride will be on Good Friday and is a fully supported ride. The requirement to ride is $200.00 in contributions for the cause. We stop every 10 miles and at every stop there is refreshments at no cost to the riders. If any of you are interested you need to sign up for the ride and I think we have a web site for "Peddlin for a cure" that you can register on. If you can not find it, email me at mcolquett@gmail.com so that I can help you get signed up.

This is our fourth year to do this and we started out the first year with 9 riders and only about 5 of them made it the full 100 miles. Since then our numbers have grown to over 200. As I said, our ride this year is on Good Friday which I believe is March 21st. That does not leave me much time to get in shape, so I took off hunting this weekend to do some ridding. I went to Hattiesburg, Ms because they have a rails to trails track there which is just great. If you are not familiar with Rails to Trails, this is where they take abandoned rail road tracks, and turn them into a paved bike path. The beauty is that you do not have to worry about traffic, and they have this developed just perfect.

Today I rode about 37 miles and when I finished, I felt just great. I hope the next time to increase this to 60 to 80 miles. It takes some time in the saddle to get your rear end in shape. Bike ridding uses some muscles that you do not normally use, so several of these rides will be needed to get me in shape to make this 100 mile ride. For those of you that do not ride, I would suggest starting. In my opinion, it is the best form of exercise you can do. Not bad on the joints, and great for cardiovascular. If you need a bike, I would suggest looking at bikesdirect.com. I have purchased 3 bikes from them and I am happy with all three.

I will start back hunting tomorrow afternoon. The rut is about to start in our area, and this is when we kill our best bucks. I have made up several pounds of sausage for Laura and Erik, so we are just buck hunting now. ( Well, we may need to get another doe for jerky)
I will keep you posted during the final two weeks of the season.

Until then, stay safe.



Marshall said...

Looking forward to March and some turkey hunting articles!

grizaham said...

i used to love riding a bike. i think i may need to get another bike!

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