Friday, January 18, 2008

Outdoors with Big Mike: Daddy Kills a BIG Deer!

Well, you have heard it said that a blind hog will find an acorn every now and then, well this blind hog found an acorn this morning. I usually do not shoot bucks unless they are very big ones. I have not killed a buck in about 6 years because of this. I believe very strongly that all hunters should not kill a buck unless he is big enough to mount or he is what is called a "cull buck". A "cull buck" is one that has horn quality that you do not want him to pass on to his off spring so you take him out of the herd.

This morning I killed my personal best whitetail buck. He was a 195 lb 16 point. He had a lot of character in his antlers, and yes I am having him mounted. The photo does not really show all of the features of his antlers, but believe me, he is something special. I doubt if I live to be 100, I will ever have the opportunity to kill another one like this. This is just one special deer.

I killed him on some land that myself and three friends bought 5 years ago, and we call this bit of heaven, Bull Mountain. This is where our pond is and each one of us built a camp house on this land. My family really enjoys the place as do the families of all the owners. Bev, my wife of 36 years, and I go there every Wednesday night and cook out and spend the night. Last night was no exception, and we had a great evening, lots of good stuff on TV, and such a relaxed atmosphere. This morning before I went to work, I happened up on this deer and Bev was with me. This made this event even more special. We created a memory that will last us the rest of our natural life.

This deer is at the taxidermist as I write this blog, and even the taxidermist was impressed. Alabama is not known for big deer, but let me say here and now, that Alabama is doing better. More and more hunters are learning to wait until a deer is old before taking him. We have such a liberal doe season, that anyone that wants venison to eat, has plenty of time to kill their does. So there is no need to kill a buck for meat, but just for a trophy. What is a trophy? This is different for everyone, but I like to say that if you are willing to spend $400.00 to have it mounted, it is probably a trophy. Also, for less experienced hunters, a trophy is anything that they can be proud of, and feel good about showing off.

Regarding the food quality of venison, this is the real thing. All natural protein, without all of the things that they add to chicken, beef and pork. No growth hormones, no medicated feed, just all natural food and water. This in my opinion makes venison a highly valued source of protein. Last weekend, I was able to take two does and I took them to the processor for smoked link sausage and jerky, and this buck today will go to all sausage. Laura and Erik love this sausage, and they will be glad to know that the next time they come to Alabama, they will be able to take a generous supply back home with them. We also have this made into cube steak which is great.
have really enjoyed the cube steak that I have gotten this year.

Deer season will officially end on January 31st, so we won't have much longer to talk about deer, but whatever happens in my deer season from here til then, I have had a good season. If I do not kill another buck or doe this year, it has been a good one, and I will remember this for quite some time.


P.S.-I sent a photo of a deer that my brother killed, and I sent it because of the size of the nose on this critter. I have never seen anything like this until today, and strangely enough, just this morning someone showed me a photo of a deer that they killed that had this condition even worse and then my brother killed this one today. I called a state biologist and he told me that this was caused by a bacterial infection in the nose of the deer. I asked him if he was ok to eat and he said yes, that this condition did not hurt the meat. Just thought you would find this interesting.

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grizaham said...

So i am currently looking for a good time to get down to M-Town for some great food and relaxation at the camp house! How about tomorrow!

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