Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Stuff! Oh How I have missed you!

Yesterday was a big day for unpacking! I was up at 8 and didn't get home until 1:30 am. Erik snuggles took a kazillion hour break to go to the Preds Game! But as I was jamming out to the ipod and unpacking I came across so many things that I love and have missed! It was a great time!
Like these figurines. Anna Catherine and Richard made them for us for Easter one year. One is Ralphie of coarse and the other is a bunny rabbit. I cherish these.

I got this Lava Lamp from Ray & Ruth Owens for a graduation from high school present! Do you KNOW how many times I have moved this lamp? I love it too!

This art piece is my name in Chinese! Emily Jones Kinley bought this for me in New York when she was there one year while we were in college. I love Asian stuff and it was so sweet of her to remember me on her trip. Susannah what did you bring me from NYC again?j/k
This picture frame Bobby & Carol Duncan gave to me on my 24th Birthday! I love it because its all flashy and shiny & b.c its from some of my favorite people in the whole world!
This "G" hook Nicole & Mark gave us! I love it A.) because its a G & B.) because it is very handy to hang leashes on by the door!
Last, but not least is Mrs Becky (Marshall Colquett's momma) she has bought me several trinkets over the years and I always love them b/c they are always so me! This big gold "G" she gave us for a wedding gift. The Grouts came over last night and reminded me that we were not the only "G"s on the block! ha She also gave me this weener dog. I always had weeener dogs growing up, but mostly I love it cause its kind of 70's-ish vibe.

I wil l continue updating this list as I unpack! Thanks to my friends for all the special gifts!


grizaham said...

stuff rocks! did you find anything for me in there??

Rowelak said...

I like the big gold "G" - we have an "L" - we are cool! haha

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