Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Look!

With February right around the corner, I went ahead and changed the color scheme of the blog. The other one was driving me crazy!
is one of my FAV holidays so I am too excited to have a red and pink theme for this month. You can verify with Erik, but in this house we celebrate Valentimes ALL.MONTH.LONG. and yes, I call it "Valentimes" on purpose because it is a "time" of the year.
Last year, I talked Daddy into buying me all these fun trinkets at Cracker Barrell in the After Valetimes Sale and I cant wait to break those out! One of which is literally a Pink denim jacket with heart rhinestnes studded on the front breast pockets. I plan to rock this jacket all month as well. The idea of it is quite hilarious, but I have a feeling that everyone in my new neighborhood will love it!
Moving Along, I am happy to report that the numbers last month were amazing! My goal is to grow every month, and so far so good! Also, Keep it clicking because they way ya'll (ERIK) have been going I may be able to get a new pieece of furniture by this summer! ha
Missouri, I see you are still with us and we love it! Maybe one day you will comment! (not-so-subtle-hint- hint)
Marlee Smith and Barb have joined us now! Welcome Ladies! Fran! So glad you are a loyal reader!
Results from the last poll are in!
Bedspread #1 had 12 votes and bedspread #5 had 10 votes!
Since #5 was my personal Fav.. I think we may be going with that one.... however I will have to look long and hard for a duplicate to that style since it costs mad money! If ya'll see anything similair somewhere HOLLA. The one I posted was from Restoration Hardware...


Mrs. Skipper said...

I made the blog! I love it!

Candice said...


ml said...

Like the "Valentimes" theme! I need to figure out how to change such things... i tried it once and it did NOT work!

Marlee said...

Thanks for the shout out! I admit to stalking the Grizas when work gets a little slow and love the blogs since we're about to move into a new house too!

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