Sunday, January 20, 2008

Need Firewood?

Also today (busy morning as you can see) I was cruisin the local Kroger parking lot on the hunt for some firewood. I found these 2 lovely gents out there hocking their wares and brought them back to the house with a truck full of firewood. When I asked them to take their picture... (erik I am glad you werent out there for this) the younger one thought it was awesome and put on a big smile.. the older one, well he was not amused. ha
The Henleys were sweet enough to bring us a whole mess of firewood as well but we are not allowed to burn un-seasoned wood in the new fireplace so these dudes were necc. until the other wood is seasoned.


Lizzy said...

Yee-Haww! Is that Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazzard on the right?

grizaham said...

Haha.. We have fires every night here. Wood is expensive. I am a little glad that the new house has a gas fireplace.

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