Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Office : Part 2

This office is really coming along! We are doing it first because of the dire need! My ebay business is strung all over the Brentwood house and it is easier to make mistakes when I am unorganized! Erik has been great about helping me plan it out and doing all the handy work.
I have had sketches forever of exactly what I wanted in an office space and sometimes they don't make sense mathematically so Erik takes those plans and makes them more realistic and do-able. It is amazing that we are getting any work done though because this is how he works.
Install a bracket... leave the room to critique my painting skills, or other shenanigans.. then back to his room. Also he is in concert the entire time he works because he likes the echo of the empty house. One of his favorites is "Koom ba ya" (sp?) It has been quite an experience but we are having alot of fun seeing the fruition of all this work & daydreaming.
Today I should be close to finishing the office. All I lack is curtains, a chandelier light fixture, extra shelves & organization. Then I will move in all of my inventory & machinery! Complete pics will be coming soon!
One cool thing we made yesterday was a Designer Bulletin Board. I bought this frame at Michaels and painted it Robin's Egg Blue then added the cork board.


Jessica Chapman said...

this is the most exciting post you have ever posted on your blog to me. i love erik's handy work! great job you guys!

Lindsey said...

Great work! I can't wait to see the final pics!

LG said...

wowsers! more to come then Jess! Thanks!

Courtney said...

oh i adore the house laura! i cant wait until yall are officially moved in!

Lizzy said...

LOVE the new office! so exciting!

grizaham said...

Yeah that office is really neat. It was fun to turn a drawing into reality. ;)

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