Friday, January 25, 2008

More on the New Neighborhood

Today I took a little drive around the neighborhood to go to the bank and post office and I saw some NEAT stuff!
I LOVE this neighborhood and how interesting and different it is! No chain stores/restaurants hardly at all! Yes, I am sure I will miss Target, but Erik will probably be relieved about that!

So this fence is painted with veggies, I think because maybe they grow and sell them from ? Don't hold me to that.
Then an answer to all of Snuggle husbands prayers A HOTDOG STAND .... YEAR ROUND... ha it's called " I dream of Weenie" how cute!

I just thought this wall was pretty. I like the mural.


grizaham said...

I dream of weenie every night! This is gonna be great!

Kyle said...

Whoever came up with I Dream of Weenie is a raving genius.

chad said...

The hotdogs are good, too! You have to get two though b/c they're not huge.

LG said...

Ha Yes KPizz I love the name too!!

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