Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Me" Just called!!

That is right! Little "Me" just called right before midnight. His momma said he couldnt sleep because he really needed to talk to me! ( i love it!) and so here is what he said

"Looooooorrrwwwa, Me's needs to have a picnic with us. Apple Juice.. (some things i couldnt understand.. Coke.... numputers (computers).... movies.. cookies and watermelon! "
HA! Sounds perfect! Then i was on the phone with Kathy and we were laughing at how cute he was being and he started yelling in the background " ITS NOT FUNNY> STOP LAUGHING MOMMA!!" Then she started telling me how he said he only wanted me to come and she couldnt come and then in the background I could hear him again "NOOOOOOO MAMMA NOT YOU COME>> ONLY LOOORRRWAAA" ha

Oh how I love him! He is so cute and fun. I cant wait to have another spend the night party at the new house! We have not seen them in forever!


grizaham said...

I love me! I could listen to him talk forever!

Me's Momma said...

Thats My Little Me! :)
I cant believe he wouldnt go to bed until he talked to You! Too Funny!

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