Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Me" is no longer 3!!

That is because precious little "me" had birthday and turned 4! He celebrated this at CHUCKYCHEESE the wonderland for all children. He was so overwhelmed and excited with all the games that I wasn't too interesting to him (sadness). He and all his brothers had a blast though! And let me just tell you, I don't think I been to Chunky Cheese as an adult, and if you haven't either... here is what you need to know -
- Its way cooler than it used to be, although no ski ball and no big funky robotic rats and bears playing instruments on the stage anymore.
- Its REALLY loud in there, and wild, and a lot of other languages being spoken (or yelled) I am pretty sure they have to sedate the employees.
All in all it was a great party and he enjoyed his plastic tricycle thingy pictured below from (where else?)Target!


grizaham said...

Oh man i totally remember the robots on stage moving all wierd and such! The pizza was good too.

Lizzy said...

SO FUNNY and true! I took my nieces there two weeks ago and thought the same thing!!!

Kyle said...

Chucky Cheese is a fantabulous place. They used to sell beer, which helped the parents cope with the fact that they are spending $150 on games and tickets that will only be redeemed for a penny pencil or eraser. Is there still cold beer?

LG said...

LOL true Pizzle! They do infact sell beer!

Super Scory said...

Did I ever tell you my first job I was none other than Chuck E. Cheese himself! I think that started my love of mascots...actually I know it did.

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