Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guest Room Part 1

Today, I have taken off from the new house work and gotten some much needed rest! I slept till noon if that tells you anything. My doggles have been lonely, and neither they or Snuggle Erik knows how to clean up after themselves so I have spent today in Brentwood sweeping piles of chomplings and gathering dirty dishes from around the house and washing clothes. I attempted to run some errands but the wind ripped right through my clothes so I had to come back home. I also, cut my finger open in the shower this morning ON A SHAMPOO bottle! You ask , HOW does one do such a thing and I tell you I am unsure except that it was falling and i was scrambling to catch it and it literally peeled off a thick hunk of skin on my pinky finger rending my right hand not so useful. Pretty eventful day wouldnt you say? ha
But I blog, because 2 things. We have had some action on the Washer & Dryer front. Sears, who I told last week to shove that washer and dryer, has given it some thought and called back to wheel and deal. After a 15% discount, and an upgrade to the super fancy washer and dryer combo, I have agreed to purchase from them. They are supposed to be delivered on Friday. I tell you all, that I would never recommend buying a house with no appliances, as it has been a nightmare.
Next, I am trying to figure out what to do in our smaller guest room, and I thought what better way to figure that out than to ask our potential guests. What do you guys like to see or have in guest rooms? I know I always like staying at the Pauley's because Caro has good guest stuff. She has awesome pillows in her guest bed, and comfy sheets, and a guest bathroom, and a FAN! Also in the spring, she (in true souther fashion) puts Gardenia blooms in small silver bowls with water! I love that! JessiDesign has a nice guest room because her bed is all white and clean and fluffy like the Westin Hotel beds!
So what do you guys think? I say so far:
White (nice sheets)
2 fluffy pillows and 2 flat pillows
nightstands with lamps
a TV
a suitcase stand

I will post a vote and some pics of color schemes so get votin!
Hope everyone is warm and having a good weekend!


grizaham said...

are appliances rule though babe! thanks for being a good wife.

grizaham said...
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hays l said...

Ha! I think "chomplings" may be my new favorite made-up word!

EEE said...

as an avid guest bedroom stayer at chad and cory's, i have to say that i love their fluffy comforter, tv, ceiling fan, and a bedside lamp for reading. the best is that there's always some random book and/ or magazine in there if i forget my reading!

keep it up with the house posts. i'm moving soon and i'm just loving all your ideas! it's nice to have a fresh palette.

kristicpoltrack said...

I just love the orange comforter. I've been wanting to redo our guest bedroom with orange...I think it is a happy theme, but the green is nice and serene. The house is looking so good!

Jessica Chapman said...

- 100% cotton sheets (white)
- down comforter with cotton duvet cover (summer weight)
- throw blanket
- lamp with 60 watt bulb
- small fan for noisemakerizm
- vase with fresh flowers day of arrival
- set of clean bathroom towels on the bed
- just a few books or new magazines
- and a luggage rack is very handy, bench or slipper chair will work too

Melanie said...

I'm for option 3 all the way!

Kyle said...

Thanks for complimenting Caro's stuff. As long as you have a tv and a fan, good stuff. Great job on everything.

Anonymous said...

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