Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flea Market Finds!

Saturday, after wasting all morning waiting on a tile man, I get a call from Little Stevie. He wants to know where and how he should get his hair cut. (I had him on a hair plan to get him a cute kind of skater boy do) He said " I just want to be sure, because what is that thing we were doing again? ... oh yeah being STYLISH" HA He cracks me up. Its amazing really, how children study us and know us so well. He often amazes me at how well he knows me.
So anyway, I told him to just come spend the day with me and we could go to the Flea Market and he could see the new house etc and he was all over it. We had a great time at the flea market. He remembers which booths I like to go to first! ha So as we pull up, I Said where should we go first and he said THE DOG BARN.. and I am like of coarse!! There is one area dedicated to selling lots of precious animals, mostly puppies! This is where we acquired Flossie! (that is a whole other story in itself) but as you may know, we have an imaginary 3rd dog child "Dolbie" and so we had to go look in the puppy barn to see if Dolbie was there. (as I type this I can feel 75% of you rolling your eyes at the very thought of a 3rd doggle)
Then we checked out the "Sugar Gliders" which are like squirrels that look like skunks and cost $200. You can click here to go to the website. Rebekkah (stevie's older sister) spent the day with us too and here she is holding a Sugar Glider!

We forgot to take a picture of our dang Flea Market Loot, but what we got:
Rebekkah - Some Guitar pic earrings
Stevie- A bag full of assorted candy
Laura - 2 rugs for $15 each. I saw the same rug I bought for our laundry room in BBB last night for $60! Here is Ralphie modeling my new office rug.


Candice said...

Dolbie needs to be a shihtzu!

Super Scory said...

So....did you get Dolbie? I am thinking the answer is no because that would have been a blog in itself. I am NOT allowed to go into dog stores/puppy barns or any other establishment that could give me another dog. I can't say no....I am proud of you for having that kind of puppy willpower. I am putty to their powers!

Cary said...

Cool rug!! Good purchase!

LG said...

Thanks Mama Cary! NO Dolbie yet Cory! I do love to go and look at them though, and hold them!
Candace I agree we need a shitzu!

Lindsey said...

LOVE the rug. I also LOVE the flea market!

grizaham said...

No more dogs! I don't like pee stains on my bedroom pillows... :0

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