Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Current State of The House

This is the temporary bedspread for the guest room. Its simple.. modern, comfy.. and most importantly was on clearance at BBB for $12.50. Includes the Duvet and 2 matching shams.
We bought these match stick blinds for the kitchen.. I like them but erik HATES them so I guess they wont be staying....I plan to tackle this tonight. As it is, Erik doesnt have ONE thing in this closet HA
This was a big task! I have always loved these and we have moved them probably 4 times maybe 5 by now and this is the FIRST time they have even made it to a wall. Not sure about the arrangement. Thoughts? (the stuff on the shelves is not the end result... just for display)
I made Erik a small Living room b/c he is lost without one! Our living room furniture hasnt been moved yet.


grizaham said...

Those blinds might not be that bad i guess. What do the people think.. Haha I just dont like sunlight in the house.. It is so bright.

Lindsey said...

Great buy on the duvet!!! I'm such a bargain shopper as well.

Shannon said...

so, you moved? congrats! i like the new house... you know what would look cute above those shelves are paitings and letters for yalls initials.. need some tall stuff.

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