Friday, January 11, 2008


Hallelujah! Finally we are getting lots of comments! I have been getting jealous of Lindsey's blog cause she gets so many dang comments! Thanks guys!
I also wanted to say that if you don't go read the comments , you should! They are the best part, IMO cause they are usually pretty funny! Especially any comment left by KP
Hazer! I am so excited that you and Meredith are commenting! Love it.
Nikki Barnett has left a very interesting comment which I am gonna re-post here because I dont know if everyone saw it. Basically she was discussing immigration as it effects our schools and teachers. I have never given any thought to this before so I found it very interesting. Maybe you guys will too?
Here it is:
I agree with everyone's comments about what should be important, but we MUST get our troops out of Iraq! That is first and foremost. Why are we there anyway???? Maybe to make "big" George some money??? I think that No Child Left Behind really needs the focus for the candidates (we're ranked 29th in the world only to lead Mexico!) and GET RID OF THIS STUPID LAW! For example: (First you need background knowledge: I am a teacher and teach in a school that has about 1/4 of our students are Hispanic. I am sure that most are illegal and their momma's are coming to the US just to have babies so they (the babies) can be citizens and the US won't kick them out of the country...this is beside my point). Lets say that I have a Hispanic student in my class, fresh from Mexico and can not speak ANY ENGLISH. Well, according to NCLB, this child will be tested at the end of the school year on the SAT test (which is in ENGLISH). Do you think this child will be able to understand this test??? Do you think this child will score high on this test? No, therefore this child's test scores will be under my name b/c I am their teacher and thus, makes me look like I am a bad teacher and that I am not doing my job. Sorry to rant and rave...I am almost finished! If governmental officials would actually ask educators for their opinions and follow RESEARCH, they would know that it takes a non-English speaking child 5 years to become fluent in SPEAKING English. It takes about 8-10 years for a child to become fluent in WRITING English. Since research has proven this, why does the child fresh from Mexico have to take the SATs? This is NCLB. We, educators, call this No School Left Standing! Thanks for listenin

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ml said...

Yay! My name got mentioned! I feel SO special.
I check your blog like 3 times a day to see what's new. I SHOULD be writing on mine though!
BTW, Fran reads too!

Linzy said...

MY friend Kristy who lives in Nashville and teaches 1st grade also always talks about this.. How difficult is must be to teach kids you cannot even communicate with. Luckily, she speaks a little Spanish. I think we should be teaching to our brightest, not our slowest. How are we to progress as a nation when we are designing classrooms around the slowest among us? These kids are capable of learning so much more than this policy allows them.

Lindsey said...

I know you are not talking about this Lindsey!!! Are you?

Nikki said...

I can not believe that you posted my comment on your blog!!! I feel so special! So sorry to rant and rave that day, but this is what I face every day! Thanks for listening! Love ya girl!

Kyle said...

I also wanted to comment on what Linzy said about what Rohit and she are going through to become a legal immigrant. First of all, he is part of what makes this country great. He is a responsible human being who respects our laws, just as we should respect the laws of his country if we were to want to visit and live there. I also agree with you that the whole process he is going through is a pain, and it seems that they could ease up on it some. But, I imagine b/c of terrorism, which sucks, they have had to tighten up on things. Or, it may have always been like this and the American Gov't is lazy like our fellow welfarers. Sorry about that. All I'm saying is, even though it's a pain, I have the utmost respect for Rohit, and of course Linzy (and Bridger the dog). As for the schools, it is unfair to the students who know what is going on b/c the teachers have to cater to the people who don't. Am I correct on this? Fun times kids.

Lindsey said...

On my comments, I really don't get that many. I'm always jealous of yours:) I have been expanding on my blog reading and try to leave comments for others.

On another a gifted teacher, we could be doing so much more for our brightest students. I constantly feel like we slight our smartest kids. The old saying in education regarding gifted kids---"They'll learn no matter what we do." I feel that they could be learning SO much more.

grizaham said...

Stupid kids should just be put in trade school.. Let the smart ones move on.

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