Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blogging Tip of the Week: Google Analytics

This is a new thing I am starting in 2008 to share tips I have learned from other bloggers (or from Kevin Kinley! ) If you are still confused after these posts then email me and I will try to be more clear.
Today's lesson is on Google Analytics!
Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google of coarse that helps track your site traffic in the most detailed ways. That is how I always know where people are reading and stuff. For instance what I learned by viewing my statistics last night was:
Total Visitors since I started using it: 1,922
Average time each reader spends on site : 1:36 secs
Percentage of visitors that are NEW : 23.47% (good way to track growth)
Bounce Rate 78.46% (you want your bounce rate to be low b/c that basically means if people hit your site by error of immediately navigated away from it then it would be a 100% bounce rate.. )
etc etc

I also am excited to see that I only lack a few states to have someone in every state reading. These states are N. Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Arkansas (PHILIP JOHNSON you are so busted for not reading!!), Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, Maine. Ya'll find me someone in those states to read! ha

My top visiting states are :
#1 - Alabama (b'ham highest city)
#2 - Tenn.
#3 - New York (thanks Brooke!)
#4 - Georgia
#5 - Florida

So all you do is click that link i set up there for Google Analytics and sign up. Then add your blog to the list and you can filter out your own computer if you wish so that it doesn't count yourself amongst your hits. Once you set those things up you will get some code to copy and paste in the margin on your blog. Go to Customize, add HTML block then paste it in there and hit save. Ouila ! It is much like a myspace tweak.
Once you have set this up you can watch anything you want on your blog in all sorts of graphs. You will see how truly fun that is once you get it going! You will also see which friends are lying to you about reading your blog! AHEM.. Philip Johnson! ha just kiddin.
Questions? Please post them in the comments section. Cory maybe you can attest to the coolness since you are GA newbie today!


grizaham said...

Sweet stuff babe.

Lindsey said...

I LOVE these Google stats....they are so interesting. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!

BTW, the restaurant was Christopher in Auburn. Kid friendly...not so much.

Super Scory said...

Ah yes, I put the code in the right place this morning and you do have to wait 24 hours for it to start generating reports. :) Thanks Laura!

Kelly said...

I found your blog through Lindsey and I'm from Arkansas - so yeay! One less state!
I'll have to check that program out!

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