Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who owns the Road? by Granpa Graham

I read an item the other day that indicated our highways and bridges were getting old and were in need of maintenance and repairs.It seems that the repair and maintenance would be so expensive that the government that built the roads could not find the monies to fund these projects. The solution to the problem of repair and maintenance was to sell the roads, in some instances to foreign interests. This presumably would shift the responsibility for maintenance and repairs to the new owners.

No one is going to sink that much money into a project without the means of recovering their principal and making enough profit to justify the investment. How does one develop an income from operating a highway? The only thing that comes to mind is to charge for the use of the highway, i.e., a toll road with concession stands and gasoline. If the highway is sold or leased to a foreign owner, what kind of restrictions can be put in place to keep fees reasonable?

My question. If new owners can operate the highway in such a manner as to recover their cost and make a profit, why can't the United States government do the same thing? What is the line of reasoning that translates into selling the highway and loosing control of a vital infrastructure?

By the way. I understand that the trans Texas highway from Mexico to Kansas City is to be six lanes wide and plans are in progress. I understand that the Kansas City terminal, yet to be built, is to be Mexican territory and be a part of Mexico. I wonder if Mexico will allow us foreigners to enter that part of their country? And, who the hell gave it to them?

Just a few passsing thoughts.

Granpa Graham

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grizaham said...

the government is so sketchy!

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