Friday, December 7, 2007

Where's George?

This post is LONG over due.... but some of you know about my snuggle bubs obsessive hobby! He likes to log the serial numbers of all his money online at It goes like this:
He logs in the serial number to his account
He stamps the bill with a stamp that says " Track me online at"
He spends the bill
Then he waits to receive an email from the WG website showing that someone, somewhere has logged on and entered his bill. Then the website tells you how long it has been and how far it has traveled.

Interesting, Thrilling process I know.. but he LOVES this, and what he loves even more is when he gets a bill that has already been stamped by someone else! He inspects all money for this. My mother recently got a stamped bill and she didn't know what that was about and didnt want to log on to the website thinking it was some sort of hoax or computer virus. So I figured I better let you guys know what its all about so that when you get a stamped bill, you can send it directly to Erik! Caro found him one today and has already put it in the mail. My mom found him another one and sent it last week!
SO today, Erik had me go into the bank and get out $100 cash.. all in ones. Do you know what the bank people think when you make such a request?... I am sure you do, but they assume you are getting $1 bills so that you can tip the friendly women in little or no clothing... which embarrasses the HECK out of Erik so he makes me go in and get them. Today the Bank Manager laughed when I was walking out and said " Make sure not to spend it all in one place" HA ... see mom they DO think that!
Anyway he will spend his night off logging in and stamping bills I guarantee! ha


grizaham said...

Please if anyone finds a bill that has WHERESGEORGG on it please please email laura, get our address and send it to me. I will send you more than what you sent me. FYI, it can be written on ANY denomination.Thanks

Super Scory said...

I love it! I see those all the time! And now I can get a return on my money by sending it to you! Awesome! :)

tiny e said...

It's so ironic that you posted this story. As you both know, I participate in where's george and my mom just found a dollar that's already been stamped! I can't wait to log it in. LOL

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