Friday, December 7, 2007

What a GREAT invention!!

I mean what took so long? I love all the silicone covers for my gadgets but covers for keyless entry remotes are genius! Erik has broken the key ring slot on both of his remotes from just normal use and hasn't been able to use them in at least a year. The replacement for them is over $100! so.. along comes these rubber covers for $7 and you can not only protect but also begin using your broken remotes again! Hooray! I believe they make them for every make and model. You can shop online for them at


grizaham said...

Its great to have my clicker back!! Great purchase!

Dawson said...

TOTALLY AWESOME! We ordered one immediately after reading your post! Our clicker has been broken for 6 months and Joel's black duck tape job isn't very attractive.
Thanks for sharing!

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