Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Try this Cool Idea: Symbaloo

Ok, bare with me because some of you are gonna see this is computer related and skip this post, BUT just try it!
Its a site called Symbaloo and it is basically a way to bookmark your favorite websites and what is great about that is, no matter what computer you are on, or where you are, or how many crashes you endure, your bookmarks will be safe! Plus it looks cool
Here are the instructions I read on Techie Diva:
Once you visit the site for the first time, it shows you have 1 mail message. Click on it and it will welcome you to the service. Now all you need to do is register for it and set up your favorite links. The date and time are posted at the top and this might just replace my start page (currently iGoogle).

I love that you can move the icons in "real-time" and organize your screen quickly and easily, grouping your bookmarked or linked sites together how YOU want them. Try it out, it's absolutely fun. The registration was quick and easy and I was greeted with a neat welcome message (and followed up with an email verification) that said:

You have just created you own account: great! You can now use your personalized desktop from every computer in the world: at home, school the office or in an internet cafe.

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