Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Cool Websites!

Thanks to Guru Martin: Here is a website to help make your home more eco-Friendly. (get started momma cary) CLICK HERE

and my dad, whom I have to give big kudos to this week, because I called him from the car and he logged into my work accounts and was slinging out invoices and listing new items like a pro! I was very impressed at how smooth that went daddy. Thanks! So Big Mike said he found a cool site for people or small business like myself that is ready made templates. CLICK HERE for free business card, resume, etc
Now what is really funny is in the comments section underneath the templates is some crazy foreign chick scrambling up her English asking this guy to marry her so she can live in the USA. ha go read it. " I wish to be in relationship with you and we may discover ourselves as life partners.."


Cary said...

Laura, I bet you voted for Al Gore!! ha-ha

grizaham said...

Keep it green.

grizaham said...

because without green all the venison will be gone. :(

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