Saturday, December 29, 2007

Results of the Poll......

Well I am sad that I have 0 strangers who are reading or voting!
28 peeps are interested and
6 are reading b/c I nag them! ha Keep it up !
2008 will be a great year on the Griza Blog with lots of new things. I am going to start decorating our new house on a tight budget so I will share with you my tips and tricks and before and after photos as well.
Another topic I plan to cover often is blogging tips. So many people have emailed me about this so I think I shall start posting weekly on that since it is such a point of interest.
November & December were my best sales YET for Thanks to all the friends who send me customers!
Oh, also some great great news! Jay Wright & Gwynne Hartson are engaged! I personally am so excited about this because I have always thought they are such a great couple! Congrats you guys!

Well I think that is all for now. I have to ship out about 1000 ebay items today and I am DREADING it. rats.


Rachel Davis said...

Guess who else is engaged .... Emilie Nan and Joseph Oglesby. :) Date is set for December 13. We're excited. My daddy is growing older by the minute. :)

LG said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! Rachel I cant believe that! WOWSERS! Congrats Emily Nan

Jay Wright said...

Thanks Laura!! Sorry I did not send a pic. I lost the cable to download pics to the computer!!

LG said...

Dang jay! buy a new cable!!

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