Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our New Neighborhood!

It's pretty eclectic, which I LOVE! My dad is a little horrified by the purple house across the street, but I explained to him that i prefer that ANY DAY to a neighborhood association that tries to control your every move or tells you what color to paint your bedroom. The one we had in Birmingham was AWFUL. So new neighbors, paint your house purple, put a boat in your front yard.. I don't care cause our new cottage is perfect!!
Here is an excerpt from an article about our new hood that explains how it got it's charm. It was written in 2005 so it's grown a little since then.

My husband calls it “The People’s Republic of East Nashville.” His hyperbole about our neighborhood reflects a larger truth. East Nashvillians have always felt a sense of separateness from the rest of the city across the Cumberland.

That sense of distinction was enhanced by the 1998 tornado, which left in its immediate wake a land of blue tarps and stumps. In retrospect, however, it was an ill wind that blew new life into the old ’hood. Insurance money rehabbed houses. And West Siders who came cum chain saws—or just to gawk—discovered an alternative to suburbia: an urban neighborhood with a small-town feel. After 20 years of slow reclamation and minimal outside investment, East Nashville got hot.

Post tornado, almost two-dozen restaurants and bars have opened, many in recycled architecture, exploiting the district’s funky character. An old gas station is now CafĂ© Margot, and a 1930s pharmacy houses Chapel Bistro. Bongo Java roasts coffee in a former electronics repair shop, and Family Wash serves pub food in an old laundromat.

New retail enhances the street life. Turnip Truck—the auto-body-shop-turned-health-food-grocery—offers Provence bread and homemade soup. Hordes gather at the Garage Mahal, the former tow truck shed that’s home to the annual Tomato Art Festival. Parents push kids in strollers to Nitwit & Kids, Generation Xers browse Earth Stuph and Hip Zipper. Pet owners walk Fido and Fiona to Wags & Whiskers and the Dog Barked Meow.

The high population of canines—nobody can rescue just one—has made the district home to the city’s first dog park. Bipeds recreate at Shelby Park and Bottoms, where you can not only see the river, but stroll, blade or bike beside it.

But there’s still an old East Nashville at the heart of the new one, a propensity to take business-as-usual and give it a tweak. One morning when I was getting my daily caffeine fix at Sweet 16th, I watched an MTA driver disembark with a passenger, dash into the bakery and order a cup of coffee and a lemon square before reboarding. I
rest my case.

Now you can probably gather from that why I am excited but to read the whole article


grizaham said...

Word. I will almost be able to see Titans stadium from the porch.. Maybe if i get on the roof! War Titans!

Linzy said...

Wow... sounds awesome.. cant wait to see it some day!

AC said...

omg, of course i am waaayyyy behind as usual, but i just went back through the past month's blogs to find the "announcement" and i'm soooo excited for ya'll! that house is super cute and i can't wait to come see it! btw, loved your chrima card! happy new year and congrats, ac

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