Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Julie is About to Graduate!!

Another overdue Hot Topic! Dearest Sister Juliapg is about to graduate from Nursing School! December 20th she will be done and there will be a breakfast where she gets pinned that day. So there is the answer so many of you have been asking (about when her graduation is etc). Lisa is gonna have a Nashville Celebratory Dinner for her in January and if you would like to attend this dinner you can email me your address!
Ok so next we need to bring to your attention that Julie has made a 4.0 her entire time in an ACCELERATED program at NYU. That is like hugely important and difficult. We are very proud of her ( and I am very proud at the great genes our potential kids will one day have... mega intelligence!)
Now for the most important part: she is gladly accepting any cash or gift of beauty products as graduation presents! You can mail them to her in NYC or to the Brentwood address.
She will be taking a 8 week internship in NYC following graduation!

So HOORAY & CONGRATS Juliel! We love you!

** Nurses in the Graham Family: Jennifer Graham, Steven Graham, Erik Graham, Julie Graham.
** Other Graham Medicals:
Louie Graham - Vet
Steve Graham - Dentist
Louis Graham - Pathologist

*** PS - I have been confused and told some of you incorrect information concering her graduation~ Sorry about that! This is the real deal here.


Jay Wright said...

Congratulations Julie!!

grizaham said...

Yes, Great work to my Yankee sister! haha Just playing. Come back!

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