Monday, December 3, 2007

JessiDesign Studios Photoshoot!

I hope you guys are ready for the BEST Christmas cards EVER! I am really excited about our cards this year because we have professional pics from JessiDesign Studios! She did an awesome job and we got LOTS of great pictures of ourselves and the dog children. I love how she caught some classic Graham moments like Erik wearing his preds jersey, or Erik slinging his hair around, or Erik aggravating Ralphie by sticking him up in a tree limb... or me laughing at all of the above! Pictures, last a life time, and I am that person that could spend countless amounts of money on pictures , scrap booking etc. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I am having a portrait painted of the doggles from these pictures! These pics help ease the pain of the fact that I have no t made us a scrapbook for 2006, or 2007! YIKES
So here is a sneak peak of the pictures.

You can book your own appointment with JessiDesign Studios by visiting her webpage


kristicpoltrack said...

those sre really awesome pictures!

Candice said...

I LOVE THE PICS! JESS ROCKS! Took some of Lillyand I yesterday! Need your address so Lilly can mail you guys her card!

grizaham said...

Those Pics are sweet.

Dad said...

Laura, I must admit my grand dogs are very cute in these photos. I really like the one of you and Erik holding them. That would make a great Christmas card.


jessidesign said...

Laura face, thank you so much for the sweet blog entry about, of course I love all the photos :) love, Jessica

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