Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm So Serious!!

Oh for the Love! Please do not say to me, or email me the word "xmas" That is NOT a word, or a holiday and if you are too lazy to write it out then shame on you! UGH I am so over all these people trying to change "Christmas" to "Holiday" ..."Holiday Tree" are you KIDDING me? That is like THE dumbest thing I have ever heard! Christmas is not about anything Holiday, it is about JESUS CHRIST duh.. thus the CHRISTmas. Kwanza, Hanakuh, Christmas.. those are real things... but xmas is NOT.
Thank you!
and just since I am talking about Christmas Trees I must say that our tree is pretty sad. For Starters its FAKE (yikes) and has no ornaments! Double yikes. Our ornaments are all in storage so I guess I need to make a trip to Birmingham...

Spence just sent me some background info so here you go:
Wanted to give you some thoughts on Xmas…origin started hundreds of years ago with monks using it for Christ's name. . The letter X in Greek is Chi which is the first letter for Christos which means Messiah.

So it was actually done out of respect.

Now most people don’t know that since Christmas is so commercialized and the importance has gone away, so I agree with you in that it needs to stop. But at least it wasn’t started in some type of blasphemous way.

Thanks Spence! I had no idea about all of that. I still find it incredibly annoying though!

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Merry Christmas.
In God We Trust.

If i was in high school i would be suspended for what i just said..

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