Saturday, December 1, 2007

Get Pauley With It, Get Pauley with it. ...

So we are in Auburn this weekend to attend the SSW Christmas Party ( This is my old office for those of you that don't know.) They are super sweet to continue inviting us to their events. I told you guys they are like family! I cant wait to see everyone. Erik is looking forward to a night filled with " Are you ready to dance now snugs?" ..."What about now?" ... ha
We are spending the night with the Pauleys. Good times over here! We started out tonight with decorating their Christmas tree! I was especially excited about this as we do not have a real tree, or ornaments YIKES. Caroline is like, Southern from way back and her tree seriously looks perfect! During the festivities Joe & Samantha came over and brought Cujo & Dexter their dog children. So at this point we have 2 chocolate labs, 2 yorkies, and 2 shitzu doggles! It was wild times. Flossie was a big hit, I am guessing that is because she is kind of in heat again. They chased and ran and sniffed for hours while we laughed at them.
Then we had a fresh fruit session where the Pauleys demonstrated all their neat wedding gifts in the kitchen. Especially notable was the " Pineapple Corer" We cored and sliced a fresh pineapple and ate it in about 2.5 seconds. ha
After the kitchen demo, KP sang to us ABBA, Waylen Jennings, & Willie Nelson. Lucky for you all I taped some of this and will be posting later.
Tomorrow night is the Christmas Party and I shall post about that separately..


Caro said...

Are you suuuuuure Captain is too big for Flossie? Cause they really would make cute baby doggles.

grizaham said...

Always a good time in the AU! Thanks to the SSW peeps and to the Pauleys!

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