Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fundraisers Galore

I saw these in my Ebay Newsletter today and I think they are so cute! Even cooler that they benefit a charity here in Nashville! Vandy Children's Hospital had celebrities decorate these wooden paper dolls and auction them off on ebay! Go Look at them. Even Jimmy Buffett made one! Super cool.
There is another charity will I will be pushin this month since its Christmas! I am waiting on the write up from Marshall Colquett, however he usually goes under ground during Hunting Season so I may not hear from him till next summer... we shall see.


mel said...

oh, i meant to tell you to check out that site that i was telling you about over thanksgiving. read his first two entries, but most importantly, click on the red titles of one of them and read the thing about crazy neighbors....enlightening, i tell ya!!! i hope that what i am writing isn't a "blogger no-no" since i am linking you to someone elses....oooooohhhhh

LG said...

Girl that is the way of the bloggers! Link Link Link! I am glad to see you are keeping up with Cary in the comments!

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